About us

About us

Basilico and Basilico Lounge are two Italian restaurant&pizzerias in Kazan. The first one is located in the historic centre of the city, a beautiful place, the pride of Kazan on Bauman Street (Kazansky Arbat), the main pedestrian and tourist area of Kazan. Basilico Lounge is located in the elite residential area in Musin street, just a few steps from the Kazan Arena stadium, the Palace of Water Sports, the Riviera water park and the city beach. Both Basilico and Basilico Lounge Restaurants are located near the main attractions of the city, so you can enjoy not only the taste of delicious dishes, but also picturesque views.

Awe-inspiring attitude to the Italian traditions, the choice of products and ingredients lie at the heart of our philosophy: from coffee to an aperitif, from pasta to pizza. We at Basilico are devoted to supplying and creating the most authentic Italian cuisine for our guests, and our chefs help us in it under the guidance of Maestro pizzaiolo Giustino, who brought his culinary skills and culture of Italian cuisine from Naples.

Basilico and Basilico Lounge are open for you from morning till night. Our restaurants will introduce you to our fantastic traditional Italian food and drinks: croissants with cappuccino and fresh-squeezed juice for breakfast to recharge your batteries for a whole day, or an easy quick lunch for those who are always in a hurry, tea and a piece of cake for a mid-morning snack or you may have pasta or pizza, meat or fish for dinner. All you need to do is choose a dish from a typical Italian menu, and we will do our best to make your wish come true! We hope you enjoy!


A few years ago, we first arrived in Kazan for sports competitions, and this city has firmly settled in our heart! It is impossible not to fall in love with Kazan with its beauty, its contrasts, its ambitious desire to become the best city.

What was missing here? A real Italian restaurant where you could taste pizza and pasta, meat or fish prepared according to Italian traditions. So we decided to fix it and in 2015 we opened Basilico Restaurant&Pizzeria on Bauman Street, a place that, thanks to its interior and attention to details, conveys the atmosphere of the establishments in Naples, Rome, Milan or Venice.

At the end of 2016 there appeared Basilico Lounge. Here, on the embankment of the Kazanka river and a fantastic view of the Kremlin is the perfect place for lunch, dinner or to have a bite to friends and family, or to relax over a glass of authentic Italian wine or a light cocktail with live music accompaniment.